Making information easily accessible to people, when and where they need it. Part of a greater effort to make Sugar more welcoming and maintainable.

Script for end-to-end migration of activity documentation pages from the Sugar Labs wiki, to GitHub(and simultaneously help-activity).

  • Reduction in maintenance efforts.
  • User-documentation moved to help-activity could just be downloaded once, and then read whenever needed; eliminating the need to have persistent internet connectivity.
  • Contextual-help ( alt + shift + h ) from within another sugar-activity could also be made available, when the documentation resides at help-activity.
  • Developer-documentation of sugar-activities, if kept at same place with the source-code in its GitHub-repository; would help developers/maintainers (they could be read and updated easily; without visiting an external link to the wiki).



Rudra Sadhu


  • Divyanshu Rawat
  • Onuwa Nnachi Isaac