It is tough for a new user to quickly grasp and start using the settings provided by coala. The user needs to be aware of the bears he might possibly need for his project and also the settings provided by the bears. Many of them directly opting for individual linting softwares when coala can provide a unified environment for them. This way many are never able to unleash the true power of coala. The first runs of coala should involve as less user interaction as possible, so that new users can realize how hassle free it is to use coala over a collection of linting technologies. Quickstart should be able to learn the bear settings from the project.

This project adds the capabilities to coala-quickstart by making smart analysis, depending upon the format already followed by the users, may it be separate formatting used for separate files or for a separate group of files (eg. grouped in a specific folder) or for different language files.

Many major communities don't use a fixed coding styles that the bears provide. The quickstart should be able to adapt itself and generate a config file which matches as closely to the codebase as it possibly can for easy and quick adoption.



Ishan Srivastava


  • Satwik (@satwikkansal)
  • Adhityaa Chandrasekar