BioJS is a library of over two hundred JavaScript components which enables users to visualise and process data. BioJS currently has two websites:

  1. it lists all the components (npm packages) of BioJS with detailed information and visualisation(s).
  2. it is an informational website for the BioJS organisation. gets the data of all the components through a middleware called workman. The development of a new workman has already been initiated which needs to be completed for integration with the frontend. I propose to create a new frontend website for BioJS and to integrate it with the backend/middleware to get the data in the most optimized way. The website will be developed using VueJS which makes it easy to maintain and the website will merge the currently existing websites and produce a consistent and modern UI and a better UX.


Sarthak Sehgal


  • YoYehudi
  • Dennis Schwartz
  • Rowland Mosbergen