I propose to build an Amahi Express Install Disc, powered by Fedora Server. In that, the user can install our Amahi Server without interacting with Command Line Interface (CLI).

The problem is that user doesn't like to use CLI. In this world of cutting-edge UI/UX interfaces, user abhors the CLI. So, I will add a module in the Installation Process, to setup Amahi Server where the user will need to type their Installation Code and server ID to setup server.

Here, Anaconda GitHub repository and documentation for developing Anaconda addons along with documentation for Kickstart file will be used a lot. Anaconda parses Kickstart file to run any third-party python modules or addons to customize the installation process. I will develop these addons so that user will only need to input their login and password in the CLI to access the server.



Sanjit Chakrabarti


  • Rodney Runyon
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