The current GNSS-SDR platform is a software defined receiver that supports GPS, GLONASS, and GALILEO GNSS signals. It also partially supports Beidou signals, but this is limited to the Beidou B1l signal. This proposal will expand the software receiver to accommodate acquisition and tracking of Beidou B2a signals that would further expand the receiver's capabilities in facilitating research on multi-constellation and multi-frequency receivers working with real signals. In addition, the demodulation of the navigation messages will open the door to innovation in multi-constellation receivers, addressing topics such as integrity, reliability, robustness, enhanced coverage, and high-accuracy positioning. Furthermore, the integration of Beidou observables into the position velocity time solution will allow the achievement of the aforementioned diverse range of applications and components.



Dong-Kyeong Lee


  • Damian Miralles
  • Antonio Ramos de Torres