The project is “Appstore for the CytoScape Apps” with Alex Pico, Barry Demchak and Scooter Morris as its mentor. The goals for the summer will be to improve overall user experience, security as well as accessibility of the Cytoscape App store by implementing following four major goals:

  1. Cytoscape App Store migration from Python 2.6, Django 1.4.5 to Python 3.X, Django version >= 1.8:
  2. Implementing Reviews and comments feature for the Cytoscape apps, sending them simultaneously to the registered app authors via registered email.
  3. Web App implementation for viewing Cytoscape app store from within CyBrowser.
  4. Support for submitting, browsing, downloading R and Python scripts.

Link to the project idea:


Sarthak Srivastava


  • Scooter Morris
  • Alexander Pico