Pocket Science Lab by FOSSASIA is a electronic measurement and analytical tool. This helps students, teachers, undergraduates and hobbyists in numerous ways in their academics as well as projects.

The project currently facilitates PSLab interfaces with Android and Desktop platforms. Desktop application is rather complete but the Android application is not. Both the applications need improvements more or less. The expected outcome by the end of this summer is to make these platforms fully functional with ease of use. Apart from these platforms, a Web interface will also be developed.

These three complete platforms will increase the usability of PSLab device over almost any systems, be it Windows, Linux, Mac or Android. User will not have to spend hundreds of dollars on costly equipments to help with their projects and practicals anymore.



Madhushanka Padmal


  • Lorenz Gerber
  • Kee wee Teng
  • Mitch Altman
  • CY
  • Denisa Kera
  • Chung Wei Tat
  • mengjiann
  • Iris SciKom Lab
  • Mirela Alistar