In the upcoming summers, I aim to achieve six objectives in three different fields. These are:

1. Model Import :

I plan on making a reader for machine learning models in Julia. This will help us in loading and running models made using different frameworks into Julia. This involves making a reader for ONNX models, and Keras models. I collaborated with the mentor, Mike Innes to work on this and the code can be found in the ONNX.jl repository under FluxML organization.

2. Model Export :

I will work on demos for the FluxJS.jl model zoo. This will make Machine Learning in Julia more dynamic and flexible, as it would help us in visualizing models in the browser. I'll also work on the main FluxJS package, as it still needs a lot of code tracing.

3. Computer Vision :

I propose to work on two different projects in this direction. The first project involves integrating Metalhead.jl with ONNX.jl . This will help in expanding the functionalities offered by Metalhead. The second part would include loading and running as many ONNX models as possible.



Ayush Shridhar


  • Mike Innes
  • Phil Tomson
  • Christopher Rackauckas