ROOT is the data processing framework created at CERN - at the heart of the research on high-energy physics. Every day, thousands of physicists use ROOT applications to analyze their data or to perform simulations. The ROOT software framework is foundational for the HEP ecosystem, providing capabilities such as IO, a C++ interpreter, GUI, and math libraries. It uses object-oriented concepts and build-time modules to layer between components. This project aims to provide additional functionality using a package manager over the minimal base install of core features. It involves defining ROOT modules, packages and package manager, mainly to scale the large codebase of the project. The current development involves creating a modular version of ROOT that provides a minimal base install of core features, then later adding functionality using the package manager. This requires introducing new layering mechanisms and extending the functionality of the existing ROOT package manager prototype.



Ashwin Samudre


  • Vassil
  • Oksana Shadura
  • Brian Bockelman