Wine is a compatibility layer capable of running Windows applications on several POSIX-compliant operating systems. Thanks to Wine, lots of Windows software with no known alternative to other platforms can be run and used as is. This even allows for Windows games to run on Linux, an area which still suffers in terms of title availability. As Wine development continues, monitoring performance of different 3D titles can become a time consuming task with no standard results due to different gameplay each time a user play-tests a game. Some scripts that monitor performance already exist for some old titles. The purpose of this project is to pick some more recent games that offer a benchmark mode and write scripts that configure, run the benchmark and read the results. Newer titles are more of a challenge for today's systems (and Wine) and should provide us with clear results regarding any performance improvements between Wine revisions.



Dimitris Gounaridis


  • Aaryaman Vasishta
  • Stefan Dösinger