One of the major features of any Computer Algebra System is solving equations. Sympy too have a powerful solve function that can solve a lot of equations, but due to its complex API and inability to give infinite solutions, solveset was implemented. Solveset is under development since 2014 and since then solveset is being developed to solve varied type of equations. But there is a lot of work that needs to be done to make solveset complete. For this, one of the major equation solver, i.e. transcendental equation solver needs to be implemented. Currently solveset is unable to handle such equations, therefore, to make solveset powerful and versatile transolve needs to be implemented. transolve will mainly cover equations like logarithmic, exponential, equations solvable by LambertW and trigonometric.



Yathartha Anirudh Joshi


  • Amit Kumar