Cloud-CV is an open source cloud platform with the aim to make AI research reproducible. Origami (previously called CloudCV-fy your code) is an AI-as-a-service solution that allows researchers to easily convert their deep learning models into an online service that is widely accessible to everyone without the need to set up the infrastructure, resolve the dependencies, and build a web service around the deep learning model. I intend to work on the idea of improving Demo Creation in Origami which includes solving existing issues in demo creation, proposing and implementing some new features and reporting new issues that exist. The current implementation of Demo Creation in Origami is not ideal and is still evolving, there are a lot of deadlocks where it struggles and is not very intuitive. Providing user a way to easily create and manage demos for their deep learning model is the primary goal of Origami which can be greatly improved. To enhance user experience some changes are needed in UI and in the feature list of Origami. Incorporating all these changes would be the primary goal of my GSoC project.





  • Harsh Agrawal
  • Deshraj
  • Avais Pagarkar
  • Utkarsh Gupta