Amahi is a personal/home cloud-based server. Currently, you can stream, view and access the files in your Amahi server using your iOS & Android device.

The Amahi iOS app has just basic functionality. I wish to add more functionalities to the Amahi iOS app to surpass the Android app functionalities. The following are my proposed deliverables before the end of the GSoC program.

Enhance the current Video Player’s functionality and make it a top-notch player by implementing gestures.

Implement Thumbnail previews for video and image files.

Implement a designated Audio Player for playing an audio playlist.

Handling PDF/MOBI/EPUB files.

Add functionality to open and edit the contents of any file in a text editor inside the app.

Implement file shares from HDA to other apps or users.

Multiple User Login.

Local storage to persist user preferences.

Adding functionality to UPLOAD new files to the shares directly from the mobile.

Add dialog to display the properties of a file.

Fix app specific bugs and optimize app performance and stabilization.





  • Rodney Runyon
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