Ethereum is an opensource and public blockchain based distributed platform. Main feature of it which differs from other platforms is “Smart Contract” scripting. Basic idea behind Smart Contract is that transaction would not complete until all the items in the contract are fulfilled.

Once you publish a smart contract in Ethereum it is not possible to modify or update it as a regular web application. Thus, even developers identify a critical bug in the contract it is not possible to push a bugfix in a straightforward way. Thus, in order to fill the gap of not having a proper 'smart contract' compatible monitoring service, SCoRE has propose to build a web application that can monitor other smart contracts in Ethereum and give the capability to safeguard it's critical functions (Ether send and receive) and interact and visualize with smart contract functions in a much simpler way.

For the analysis, Etherbeat has a blockchain extractor, which is currently implemented using python with 4 parallel processing threads.


Umesh Jayasinghe


  • Keshan Sodimana
  • Tharidu Fernando
  • Dulini Atapattu