SNARE is a web application honeypot sensor attracting all sort of maliciousness from the Internet. The web page is generated by cloning a real web application and injecting known vulnerabilities. SNARE connects to TANNER, a remote data analysis, and classification service, to evaluate HTTP requests and composing the response then served by SNARE.

Aim: Spend the summer improving SNARE/TANNER.

Project Goals:

  1. Reconstructing SNARE and CLONER code-base with syntax changing.
  2. Improve storing and analysing sessions in TANNER.
  3. Improve TANNER-web UI functionalities.
  4. Implement Tanner api authorization.
  5. Investigate various types of server fingerprinting and evaluate how SNARE performs.
  6. Move SNARE/TANNER to
  7. Dependency management using pipenv. (backup for goal #4)



Viswak Hanumanth G K


  • Evgeniia Tokarchuk
  • Lukas Rist