The goal of this project is to enhance the currently present SUSI AI bots, create a chatbot of SUSI AI for Twitch and create a web bot plugin for SUSI AI by creating required APIs for storage and processing of it in SUSI server and creating the bot builder wizard on SUSI skills page. A web bot plugin is a chatbot for the website of a user which would replace the traditional contact form. Users would be able to fully customise their SUSI AI chatbots by adding custom replies to messages of their clients which will be backed up by SUSI skills. The customisation includes but is not limited to designing the theme of bot and configuring the bot by enabling/disabling default SUSI skills.



Divyanshu N Singh


  • Mario Behling
  • Orbiter
  • rishiraj824
  • Ali Ayub Khan
  • peaceofcode