The Problem

The Universal Space Operations Center is a simple and easy-to-use ground station for space projects. It was initially developed to aid students in their space experiments. Since no experiment is the same, there was a need to create an application that adapted to each project’s needs. In it’s current state, the user has to use a configuration file to state what protocols/variables/graphs he is going to use during his experiment. However, the need to change the application’s layout is evident, and the student should not be forced to close the ground station, change the configuration file again, and re-open the application to resume his experiment. This goes against the initial principle of the groundstation.

The Solution

There needs to be a way for the user to quickly and easily adapt the groundstation to his experiment, without having to worry too much about it. The goal of this project is to implement a set of new features that allow the user to manipulate the Ground Station’s data and layout. In order to accomplish this, I plan on creating a tool that allows the end user to specify exactly how he want his station to look and work.





  • vstarlinger
  • Victor Hertel