The project would provide a series of modular python programs that could be used to support different Public Lab imaging and spectrum measurement toolkits. The programs enable near real time OpenCV computer vision (CV) measurements of images or spectra. The CV measurements can be used to improve instrument performance (feedback that controls lighting amplitude or camera array exposure times) or assist calibration by subtracting reference images/spectra.
General objectives include: • increasing the scope and usability of Public lab Spectral Workbench and spectrometer kits • collecting software techniques from Raspberry PI, computer vision and Adafruit blogs into a single source that can be applied to science projects • provide code that would automate data collection and present data in a visually appealing manner • optimize the use of Raspberry PI visible and NOIR camera in Public lab spectrometer kits • provide a foundation for new spectroscopic applications using python/opencv image processing libraries.



Margaret Norton


  • amirber
  • icarito
  • jywarren