Different computational models have been developed in neuroscience to simulate neural systems, however, these models often use different programming languages, tools and techniques making it difficult to share and reproduce them among different research groups.

NeuroML and LEMS have been introduced to standardise the structural description and dynamics of concepts such as ion channels and synapses in a machine-readable format, making computational models more reproducible, accessible and shareable among researchers. PyNN is a Python package that offers a common interface for different neuronal simulators in the field. Tying all these together, a curated database of neuronal models is publicly available to the community at the Open Source Brain (OSB) repository.

This project focuses on the implementation of two Neural Mass Models (NMMs) using NeuroML/LEMS and PyNN. To validate and test the implementation of population models on NeuroML/LEMS, we will implement two previously published models and share them on the OSB platform.



Jessica Dafflon


  • Padraig Gleeson