The aim of this project is to bring SuperSnark’s brilliant game design to life - GooKeeper! In GooKeeper the player has to setup and maintain a GooZoo, which as the name suggests, is a zoo with different varieties of gooeys. The player has to capture these gooeys from the wild using a special tool, the revolutionary PlazMaster 3000 into slime-pods and bring them back to the zoo. These gooeys have different behaviors, some are aggressive, some are passive, and hence capturing them would have different levels of difficulty, and also different payoffs in the zoo. So, the main aim of the player is to capture exotic varieties of gooeys, keep them fed and happy, and possibly have them mate with one another to give birth to a new, interesting gooey type!



Shreyas Iyer


  • SuperSnark
  • Mandar Juvekar
  • Josh Zacharias
  • Aresh Mishra
  • arpan98