The Wayback Machine chrome extension helps to make the web more reliable by detecting dead web pages and offering to replay archived versions of them. When previously valid URLs don’t respond, but instead return a result code of 404, it can be seen through wayback machine. Some of the features, where I would like to work on are -

  1. Fixing the existing bugs
  2. Enabling the extension to automatically archive a page if not previously archived
  3. Redesigning About page .
  4. Adding Context Feature with user’s control (a). Users can control which how they want to see the context. (b). Users can select if they want the context to auto-update while visiting any new URL. (c). Users can select which context screens they want to see.They can select individual context screen also.
  5. Adding Wayback Machine Overview, annotations of the current URL and Domain as a Context Screen.
  6. Adding SimilarWeb Overview of the Current URL as a Context Screen .
  7. Adding tag-cloud of a host as a Context Screen.
  8. Adding Single Window Context and getting all the Context Screen datas as JSON(Alexa, Whois, Twitter, Wayback Machine Overview, Annotations and Tagcloud).
  9. Adding Books Feature



Anish Kumar Sarangi


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