One of the main goals of Teraoslogy is to be Overwhelmingly Customisable. This means that the base engine only provides the bare minimum to create a functioning sandbox environment. Content is provided through modules which build on, tweak and integrate with both the engine and each other. This creates a wealth of content for the player to choose from.
Or at least that is the intention. Currently the major content for Terasology is extremely similar to content seen in other games like Minecraft, MineTest and similar sandbox games. However due to how modular the design is, it has the potential to have a breadth of content that eclipses either of those two. Which is where this project comes in.

Tower Defence is a very well known game genre, and one that is also consistently popular. This project aims to add a tower defence game mode to Terasology, with a sandbox spin on it. The game mode allows for modular tower building and freeform block placement. It is intended to show off the best of Terasology and thus is designed to be extremely extensible as well as to use content from other modules.
The original proposal can be seen here

Hope you enjoy!





  • Daniel H
  • iojw
  • Aresh Mishra
  • Skaldarnar