My proposal is focused on making certain improvements in Zulip that are considered prioritary, with the goal of providing high-value contributions in consonance with the project's roadmap.

Most of Zulip's REST API is currently undocumented, which is a pity considering how powerful it is. The first project in my proposal is to solve this by working in our Swagger/OpenAPI docs until we have a 100% documented REST API. The relevant code examples will also be updated so we can provide fully functional scripts that show how to use it, as well as extending our Python bindings to cover all the endpoints the API provides.

The role that API keys play is also quite important, especially now that our integrations system is becoming more and more robust and we have many different clients for interacting with Zulip. That's why having multiple API keys per user could be very useful in terms of user account security and convenience. The second part of my project consists in implementing this feature in Zulip's backend, so normal users can have as many API keys they consider necessary (e.g. one per client), keeping authentication tokens isolated between applications.



Yago González


  • David Rosa