Very often even if an application has a robust backend, the user interface is often the factor that decides whether it will be taken up or not by the end user. Or in other words, apps definitely get points for being pretty. The Zulip mobile application can be regarded as a work-in-progress. I shall work the on the following areas and improve it so the application may move closer towards completion.

  • Overhaul and rebuild several major elements of the interface to achieve a more even, symmetric and uniform look.

  • Adopt principles of Material Design for the application.

  • Fix many small but annoying issues such as broken alignment in some menus, ripple and other effects overflowing into other elements, non-standard icons, animation delays, asymmetric margins etc.

  • Improve support for different resolutions and pixel densities so nothing is out of place on a 18.5:9 or 18:9 display, or in landscape mode.

  • Add to the documentation and improve it where possible.



Aswin G


  • Saumya Bhatnagar
  • jainkuniya