yt is a package for analyzing and visualizing volumetric data. The current infrastructure of yt is designed to deal with adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) data. However, a wide range of modern N-body hydrodynamics simulations now use smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) which produces data consisting of volume filling fields. The current implementation of yt takes this data fills a global octtree, and then treats it similarly to that of AMR data.

The disadvantage of this treatment of SPH data is that it is not intuitive to users, it is slow and it does not represent the underlying nature of the data.

This project aims to develop a yt API for SPH data that ensures all SPH fields return data defined at the locations of the particles. Whilst this would provide a more intuitive way to interact with the data, it is still important to interpolate particle data onto grids, as this is essential in visualisation. This can be achieved by taking inspiration from SPLASH. Thus, at the end of the project SPH fields would be able to be visualised using a "scatter" (in technical details) approach, inspired by SPLASH. This would allow the the SPH fields to be interpolated efficiently onto grids.



Ashley Kelly


  • Nathan Goldbaum
  • Matthew Turk