Apache ManifoldCF is an open source software framework which falls under the category of enterprise content management software, designed to synchronize documents and their metadata between source content repositories and target repositories where documents are indexed and can be searched for. Apache ManifoldCF is currently extending its capabilities to also support content migration.

ManifoldCF uses output connectors to connect to different kinds of target repositories and uses repository connectors to connect to source content repositories. Currently, ManifoldCF only has a repository connector for GridFS which allow it to read binaries from MongoDB. But yet ManifoldCF does not have a MongoDB output connector.

The proposed project is to develop a MongoDB output connector for Apache ManifoldCF, to allow ManifoldCF to migrate content against a MongoDB instance to extend it's enterprise content management capabilities as well as it's enterprise content migration capabilities.


Irindu Nugawela


  • Piergiorgio Lucidi