The main goal of this year's GSoC was to develop Badgeyay into a complete Service with services ranging from simple to complex functionalities which include :

  • Modularizing the API and follow the best standards.
  • Improving the Rest API and Resolving the known bugs.
  • Improving current UI of Badgeyay and changing it along with GSoC Period by Using Ember JS and Semantic UI.
  • Improving the Badge Layout and provide more features to the user.
  • Implementing User Authentication and Integrating database management system into Badgeyay.
  • Implementing a Badge Management System.
  • Implementing Admin Panel.

Tech Stack:

The whole front end is shifted to Flask template to MVC frontend framework Ember JS. Everything in the frontend is divided into components and chaining of actions and models have been implemented. Semantic UI is used for styling purposes.

The whole API is redesigned to follow JSON API specification using the marshmallow to make it compatible with data coming from Frontend. Firebase is also used to support admin and authentication functionalities from the backend flask server.



Parth Shandilya


  • Mie Lam
  • Nayana Adassuriya
  • Ricky Ng-Adam
  • Mario Behling
  • Nicco Kunzmann