The Rails website and welcome page was redesigned. However, the current design of error pages doesn't follow the new style. The new styling can be made more consistent.

Moreover, some pages display errors that require action from the user like when the migrations are pending. I would like to propose a mechanism for users to act on the errors straight from the error page. A new module for ActionableError can be designed and integrated with the new error pages to give greater control to the user. It should also be extendable by other gems for them to customize their own course of actions when an actionable error is hit.

A Web Console integration will also be done to update the console style to fit the look and feel of the new redesign.

In addition to these ideas, we can also attempt a series of opinionated rails generators that will create a suite of default error pages (404 and 500s for example), based on the new styling rules, or from a set of styles obtained from the application's implemented stylesheets.



Yao Jie Lim


  • Genadi Samokovarov