People are increasingly engaging with Public Lab community and questions via Twitter . This project helps in : Generating more content to PublicLab website , Notifying the author of the node when someone comments on the corresponding tweet of the node as an email is send to the author , helping people to know more about the PublicLab community , Automating a general reply to each comment on a tweet of the form - “Thank you John Doe for your reply .” , Posting all the answers to a node on PublicLab website as a comment to the corresponding tweet of the form - “Warren added an answer to your node on ”.

Adding a map using leaflet javascript library to show nearby projects , Making all the maps used on PL website to dynamically load markers by making API , Solving the issues related to security , i.e , not showing the markers when the zoom level exceeds the precision level of the location given by the user ,Showing project related attributes on marker and using different markers to show Projects , Solving the issue of infinite scrolling and dragging of maps to make use of maps more friendly and smooth , Making an alternate list-view of map showing nearby projects .



Sagarpreet Chadha


  • Stevie Lewis
  • jywarren
  • Bronwen Densmore