• Ankan Poddar

    Archiving with Popper CLI
    Organization: Center for Research In Open Source Software (CROSS) at UC Santa Cruz
    The project involves the implementation of a popper sub-command archive to create an online archive (snapshot) of the repository at any point of time...
  • Syam Sundar K

    ARCore Renderer : Processing - Android
    Organization: The Processing Foundation
    ARcore Renderer focuses on creating an Augmented Reality Renderer for Processing - Android, that will be able to render 3D Objects onto the Real...
  • Pranam Lashkari

    Astronomy Library
    Organization: Boost C++ Libraries
    This project involves developing a new library which tries to cover the major concepts of a complex and diverse field of Astronomy. This library will...
  • Utkarsh Tripathi

    Augmented Reality with ViSP and Unity
    Organization: ViSP
    Computer vision algorithms in ViSP (Visual Servoing Platform) such as pose estimation and tracking have the potential to benefit Augmented Reality...
  • M. Kajan

    Authentication helper add-on for ZAP
    Organization: OWASP Foundation
    ZAP allows the penetration tester to set up authentication for the web application being tested. This allows ZAP to run tests from the point of an...
  • Nikhil Pappu

    Autolev Parser (using ANTLR v4)
    Organization: SymPy
    Autolev(now superseded by MotionGenesis) is a domain specific language used for symbolic multibody dynamics. The SymPy mechanics module now has...
  • Matthias Paulmier

    Automake : Modularize Automake to improve the test-suite performance
    Organization: GNU Project
    This project aims to modularize the implementation of Automake to make it more easily extendable and to improve the test-suite performance.
  • Vishal Gupta

    Automake : Parse Makefile.am using an Abstract Syntax Tree
    Organization: GNU Project
    The goal of the project is to generate an abstract syntax tree from parsing the input Makefile.am . It has separate lexer, parser and tree generation...
  • Yasmine Dumouchel

    Automated Binding Generator
    Organization: mlpack
    This automatically-generated Go binding proposal aims to allow Go users to have access to the fast and scalable machine learning library that is...
  • ctsung

    Automated Malware Relationship Mining
    Organization: The Honeynet Project
    Since last year, Holmes-Processing has acquired a large dataset of labeled malware samples, which can be used for deep learning based malware...
  • Tony Yang

    Automated Processing of Primary Genome Analysis
    Organization: Genes, Genomes and Variation
    Develop an automated system that performs analyses on newly sequenced genomes.
  • Binguo Bao

    Automated regression tests against real-world projects
    Organization: PMD
    A regression testing tool is created to ensure that new problems and unexpected behaviors will not be introduced to PMD project after fixing an issue...
  • Saksham Gupta

    Automated Theme Generator Tool
    Organization: phpMyAdmin
    Currently there are pre-generated themes that can be manually installed and used. The idea is to create a tool that automates and makes easier the...
  • Athos Ribeiro

    Automatic builds with clang using OBS
    Organization: Debian Project
    Debian package builds with clang are performed from time to time through massive rebuilds of the Debian archive on AWS. The results of these builds...
  • Changcheng Li

    Automatic Differentiation in R through Julia
    Organization: R project for statistical computing
    Automatic differentiation (AD) is a set of techniques to calculate derivatives automatically. It generally outperforms non-AD methods like symbolic...
  • Abhijeet Panda

    Automatic Forecasting
    Organization: Python Software Foundation
    The aim of the project is to implement an automatic forecasting infrastructure for statsmodels similar to auto.arima()/ets() of the ‘ forecast’ ...
  • Sukrit Bhatnagar

    Automatic freeing of resources
    Organization: libvirt
    Writing cleanup code for every variable in large-scale open-source projects makes the code difficult to comprehend. The cleanup tasks like releasing...
  • Alexandre Viau

    Automatic Packages for Everything
    Organization: Debian Project
    Many packaging tasks can be automated, and are likely to succeed without any human intervention: creating a backport for Debian stable from a...
  • Shuwei Xu

    Automatic Speech Recognition for Speech-to-Text on Chinese
    Organization: Red Hen Lab
    In this project, a Speech-to-Text conversion engine on Chinese is established, resulting in a working application. There are two leading candidates...
  • Tasmiah Tahsin Mayeesha

    Automating Force Based Layout Scaling And Network Visualization For Media Source Networks From MediaCloud Topic Graphs
    Organization: Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University
    Media source networks generated from Mediacloud topic graphs are currently visualized using software like Gephi with Force based layouts, however...
  • Eeshan Garg

    Automating setup and configuration for integrations
    Organization: Zulip
    The primary goal of this project is to automate setup and configuration for integrations and webhooks on Zulip’s end.
  • Yordan Dimitrov

    Automotive Grade Linux (AGL)
    Organization: The Linux Foundation
    Running the AGL demo platform (agl-demo-platform)
  • Adarsh Balasubramanian

    Avogadro 2: Molecular Dynamics
    Organization: Open Chemistry
    This project aims to implement support for Molecular Dynamics in Avogadro. Molecular dynamics (MD) is a computer simulation method for studying the...
  • Rajendra Kadam

    Azure Support with new Architecture implementation
    Organization: Sustainable Computing Research Group (SCoRe)
    Project Rewrite core node cloud architecture and add Azure Provider Support. Previous contributions Fixed issues and added new features to NodeCloud,...
  • Chirag Maheshwari

    Backend Improvements and New Feature Additions
    Organization: Amahi
    Amahi is a personal/home networking, storage and app server with features allowing users to access their files and apps remotely using android and...

    Backend Website Student Project
    Organization: Open Bioinformatics Foundation
    BioJS is a library of over two hundred JavaScript components enabling developers to visualize and process data using current web technologies. The...
  • itaditya

    Background Checking Github App with Probot
    Organization: Probot
    When a new user comments on an issue or PR, we do a sentiment analysis on their past comments and if they are hostile, setup a discussion board for...
  • Yash Ladha

    Badgeyay as a complete service
    Organization: FOSSASIA
    Badgeyay This is an online utility to generate badges for events like conference, talks etc. This project is an extension project to Eventyay project...
  • Isuranga Perera

    Bahmni - Notification on Patient Events
    Organization: OpenMRS
    The aim of this project is to provide a way for healthcare providers to subscribe/unsubscribe to notifications of specific events for patients in...
  • kunalgulati

    BaseJump STL Hacker
    Organization: Free and Open Source Silicon Foundation
    I'm proposing the creation of a Math Library for BaseJump STL. Adding a set of routines that employ the CORDIC algorithm to implement directly and...
  • vivonk

    Bassa - Implement a mechanism to download files from local server
    Organization: Sustainable Computing Research Group (SCoRe)
    Bassa is an automated download queue for enterprises use. If a software can download all your files in the background without keeping it open then...
  • Gayashan Bombuwala

    Bassa - Mobile App
    Organization: Sustainable Computing Research Group (SCoRe)
    Bassa is automated download queue for the enterprise to take the best use of their internet bandwidth. It is capable of avoiding redundant downloads...
  • Yanbo Xu

    Bayesian analysis of individualized treatment response curves on EHR time series
    Organization: R project for statistical computing
    With the fast adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHR) in modern healthcare systems, various machine learning methods are developed to conduct...
  • Thiloshon Nagarajah

    bdclean: User friendly biodiversity data cleaning pipeline
    Organization: R project for statistical computing
    Until recently, biodiversity data was scattered in different formats in natural history collections, survey reports, and in literature. In the last...
  • Ravi Kumar Prasad

    Organization: BeagleBoard.org Foundation
    Integrate node-beagle-boot to Etcher and add features like U-boot console on boot up, TCT/IP proxy server, grab latest images from beagleboard.org to...
  • Joshua Bonn

    Beginner Mode and Tutorial Creation
    Organization: MuseScore
    The beginner mode and teaching functionality project will assist newcomers to MuseScore. The beginner mode will present a simpler UI and some...
  • Alexandre Moine

    Benchmarking graph libraries and optimising algebraic graphs
    Organization: Haskell.org
    A graph represents a key structure in computer science and they are known to be difficult to work with in functional programming languages. Several...
  • Marin Stević

    Better map for nodewatcher
    Organization: freifunk
    The idea is to replace the original map with a new one that looks better and represents nodes in a better way. Currently the map is very basic and...
  • Rohan Rathi

    Bevel Improvements
    Organization: Blender Foundation
    The bevel modifier is widely used in modelling to chamfer edges and smoothen them out. Bevels are used to correct the shading of mesh, so as to make...
  • Evgenii Glazunov

    Bilingual dictionary enrichment via graph completion
    Organization: Apertium
    Graph representation is very promising because it represents a philosophical model of a metalanguage knowledge. Knowing several languages, I know...
  • Liudmila Kornilova

    Binding Generator for Scala Native
    Organization: Scala
    Scala Native provides bindings for several C and POSIX APIs out of the box. To help complete and maintain the list of supported APIs as well as...
  • Ashwin Agrawal

    Biodiversity Data Utilities
    Organization: R project for statistical computing
    The aim of the project is to improve the current functionality of existing data management and cleaning packages for Biodiversity in R and integrate...
  • Harsh Gugale

    Bit Error Ratio Analyzer using LiteX
    Organization: TimVideos.us
    Bit error ratio testers are used to test the quality of signal trans-reception. They are routinely used to test boards with high-speed serial links...
  • Yiming Wu

    Blender NPR Line Rendering Improvement
    Organization: Blender Foundation
    To improve blender's NPR line rendering for stylized image generation, such as manga-styled animation. The main target is to greatly improve the...
  • Sneha Singhania

    BoLN and ST-ResNet: Deep Predictive Models for GPS TEC Maps
    Organization: Space @ Virginia Tech
    GPS TEC Map (Global Positioning System - Total Electron Count) is an important quantity of the ionosphere for analysis of space weather. Building an...
  • Laouen Belloli

    Boost.Real project
    Organization: Boost C++ Libraries
    In the history of Computer Science, real numbers representation and data structures do not have a simple solution, numerical errors can be carried...
  • Tom Westerhout

    Bringing Static_views to review-ready state
    Organization: Boost C++ Libraries
    This document proposes an addition to Boost C++ Libraries — Static_views library. The library focuses on working with compile-time (i.e. constexpr)...
  • S Rahul Badami-1

    Bug Logging Tool
    Organization: OWASP Foundation
    BLT lets anyone report issues they find on the internet. It gives points to users for reporting bugs .But it lacks mobile portability that is the app...

    Build a Service for Adaptive content and Learning supports
    Organization: Inclusive Design Institute
    This project involves making a well-structured and easy to access web service, fetching data from other third-party services. As each third-party has...
  • Akshat Garg

    Build an analytics tool for SUSI.AI
    Organization: FOSSASIA
    SUSI.AI CMS is the web client for SUSI.AI ( An intelligent open source personal assistant) which showcases the skills that SUSI.AI has to offer,...
  • Ndip Tanyi

    Build tool SPDX file generators
    Organization: SPDX
    Support a continuous integration (CI) generation of SPDX files by creating a plugins or extensions to build tools. These plugins or extensions will...
  • Vaibhav Shrivastava

    Build upon Open Event Orga App, and make improvements to Open Event Android
    Organization: FOSSASIA
    The Open Event project has SIX components: The Open Event Format Definition The Open Event Server The Open Event Generic Android App and It's...
  • Alona Sakhnenko

    Building a Neural Network Animation tool using Python and Blender
    Organization: INCF
    The aim of the project is to design and develop a software that converts description files of neural networks (e.g. NineML, NeuroML, SpineML) into a...
  • madhur.tandon

    Building a portable open pipeline to detect the hemodynamic response function at rest
    Organization: INCF
    Most of the currently used data is task-based fMRI data i.e. the data acquired when the subject performs an explicit task (such as finger-tapping)....
  • Tigpezeghe Rodrige K.

    Building a Report Generator for LibreHealth's EHR system
    Organization: LibreHealth
    LibreEHR system currently has standard reports for various system features (Clients, Financial, Visits, Inventory, Services, Insurance, Procedures)....
  • Harsh_Agarwal

    Building a testing & benchmarking environment for Prometheus
    Organization: Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)
    My project aims to benchmark Prometheus & test Prometheus’s Kubernetes & Consul Service Discovery in an automated & real-time environment. This will...
  • Anup Kumar Panwar

    Building Analytical Tool for SUSI.AI
    Organization: FOSSASIA
    · Analyzing user engagement. · Sentimental Analysis on chats. · Analyzing the correctness of SUSI replies (thumbs up / thumbs...
  • Laura Bilicz

    Building high-resolution 3D models of brain vasculature
    Organization: INCF
    In this project, we seek to develop 3D meshing and visualization techniques that are better adapted to the complexity of vascular structures.
  • salman-bhai

    Building the World’s Open Library, Together
    Organization: Internet Archive
    Currently Open Library has over 1.75M Members who borrow millions of books every year. This Project looks to develop Open Library further by...
  • Rupav Jain

    Candis: A Software Tool for Cancer Prediction And Biomarker Identification Using High-throughput Data
    Organization: Computational Biology @ University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    Candis (portmanteau of Cancer and Discover) is an Open Source data mining suite (released under the GNU General Public License v3) for DNA...
  • prudhvi reddy

    Organization: AOSSIE - Australian Open Source Software Innovation and Education
    CarbonFootprint Mobile is currently a react native application based on famous browser extension carbonfootprint that raises environmental awareness...
  • saurabhshri

    CCExtractor Web
    Organization: CCExtractor Development
    A full fledged web application and API for subtitle extraction through CCExtractor.
  • Gaurav Grover

    Organization: Computational Biology @ University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    ccNetViz is a high-performance graph data visualization library that runs on WebGL (an in-browser library to run 3D graphics on GPU parallel...
  • Saurav Sachidanand

    CernVM-FS powered WebAssembly I/O
    Organization: CERN-HSF
    The goal of this project is to build a JavaScript client for the CernVM filesystem implemented as a pluggable backend library for the Emscripten...
  • Sajitha Liyanage

    Organization: Sustainable Computing Research Group (SCoRe)
    ChainKeeper is a web application to explore and analyze block-chain data for users. This proposal consists of technical details and implementation...
  • Pranay Gupta

    Change to Double precision floating point
    Organization: Purr Data
    Successfully compiling purr-data’s core on both the single precision and double precision and changing the more popular external libraries run in...
  • Andrew Connell

    Organization: R project for statistical computing
    There are many R packages available for offline changepoint detection but, to the knowledge of myself and the mentors, only one for online change...
  • Michael Kawano

    Chapter 5
    Organization: aimacode
    I want to improve and extend the work I have previously done on chapter 5.
  • Dario Asprone

    Checking graph isomorphism using the Weisfeiler-Lehman algorithm
    Organization: Sage Mathematical Software System
    Currently SageMath checks for graph isomorphism through an internal package with a corresponding method, called isomorphic and contained in...
  • Xu Tony

    Chinese Pipeline
    Organization: Red Hen Lab
    This project is roughly divided into three parts: OCR Recognition, which uses existing tools to extract captions from videos to text; Speech...
  • Gagandeep Singh-2

    Cineform Decoder Improvements
    Organization: FFmpeg
    The GoPro Cineform codec is a cross-platform intermediate codec designed for editing high-resolution footage. It was original designed for compressed...
  • Sudaraka Jayathilaka

    Citation Generator for FreeREG and FreeCEN
    Organization: Free UK Genealogy
    In family history, records are kept in numerous formats. When we are referring to family history data, we have to show how we got those data. For an...
  • Alexander Sludds

    CiviCRM Extensions for Political Campaigns
    Organization: CiviCRM LLC
    CiviCRM is a great CRM for the needs of many non-profits, such as the NLG. A friend of mine suggested that CiviCRM has many features that campaign...
  • VishalGupta

    Click To Dial Popup Window for the Linux Desktop
    Organization: Debian Project
    An application (invoked as a MIME handler) with a GUI that can place a phone call, display details about the country in which the phone number is...
  • Sanjay Prajapat

    Click To Dial Popup Window for the Linux Desktop
    Organization: Debian Project
    Application pops up when a user clicks on a tel: link in an application such as Firefox, Chrome, Evolution. Pop-up window displays the phone number...
  • Charles Zhang

    CLISP - Integrate the SICL compiler into CLISP
    Organization: GNU Project
    This project aims to incorporate components from Robert Strandh’s SICL compiler called Cleavir into CLISP. Adding Cleavir would open up the...
  • Lakindu Gunasekara

    CLocal Azure
    Organization: Sustainable Computing Research Group (SCoRe)
    An emulation engine for Azure services to try out in local environment
  • Dilantha Wijayarathne

    CLocal GCP
    Organization: Sustainable Computing Research Group (SCoRe)
    CLocal gcp will be a tool which can be used to test Google cloud products locally before running them in the actual cloud platform. And later...
  • ksdme

    coala language server
    Organization: coala
    coala as a linting and code fixing tool can be far more useful when its power can be directly leveraged from within the code editor. Since all the...
  • Shenyu Zheng

    Code Coverage Plugin
    Organization: Jenkins project
    A code coverage api plugin.
  • Nimish Kapoor

    Code Quality
    Organization: Scilab
    The aim of this project is to improve the code quality of Scilab with the help of various Static Analysis Tools like Scan Coverity(Java and C/C++),...
  • Pankaj Kukreja

    Collect Polyhedral Benchmarks
    Organization: Polly Labs
    Currently, Polly’s performance is measured on PolyBench benchmark. PolyBench does not cover all of the possible kernels so we may miss out some...
  • Mina Sami

    Color Constancy Filter
    Organization: FFmpeg
    Various implementations of color constancy filter using machine learning and low-level image statistics.
  • Kumar Akshay

    Command Line Plone Tools
    Organization: Plone
    This project is about improving plonecli and bobtemplates by adding several sub-templates like view, viewlet and portlets etc as well as improving...
  • Paul Semel

    Command line replacements for GNU Binutils
    Organization: LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
    A lot of GNU binutils have their equivalent in the LLVM project. As the majority of people are already accustomed to the GNU ones, it would be great...
  • Sriram Ravichandran

    Comments and Annotations
    Organization: WorldBrain.io - Verifying the Internet
    The primary goal of this project is to enable users of Memex to add/edit/remove comments in any page conveniently, while storing them in a...
  • Nidhi Gupta

    Comments for Responses
    Organization: TEAMMATES @ National University of Singapore
    The project enhances the current implementation of the comment feature. Features to consider: Ability for respondents to add comments for their own...
  • Kriti Rohilla

    Commit content inspection project
    Organization: coala
    This project is about adding a verification process for the pull requests made to coala. There are many special types of commit messages that should...
  • Dinith Minura

    Common app template to Go Social - React Native
    Organization: Sustainable Computing Research Group (SCoRe)
    Community of today used to use mobile phones to make their life easier and Community based mobile applications are famous among them. There are...
  • Ayush Bansal

    Common Print Dialog Backend
    Organization: The Linux Foundation
    I intend to create a new CPDB backend for printing to a (PDF) file and fix the bugs in the CUPS backend. I also have to develop a new GTK3 Adaptor...
  • Rupesh Harode

    Communication Plugin Improvement
    Organization: Inria Foundation
    The purpose of this project is to improve the communication plugin by adding more protocols in it such as VRPN, serial bus communication, and also...
  • Sahil Yerawar

    Compiling Chapel with Polly/LLVM
    Organization: Polly Labs
    Chapel is an emerging parallel programming language developed with the aim of providing better performance in High-Performance Computing as well as...
  • Sean Innes

    Compiling Julia to WebAssembly
    Organization: NumFOCUS
    This project would bring the mathematical prowess of Julia to the web with the near native performance of WebAssembly. The expected outcome of this...
  • Kevin Stadler

    Complete overhaul of processing-sound library
    Organization: The Processing Foundation
    The official Processing Sound library is a natural entry point for Processing users who want to augment their generative designs with generative...
  • Radoslav Pitoňák

    Complete support for OpenShift and Kubernetes as a backend in conu
    Organization: Fedora Project
    Complete support for OpenShift and Kubernetes as a backend in conu
  • Ashish Kumar Gaurav

    Completing RUBI Integrator
    Organization: SymPy
    This project aims to complete rubi (rule based integration) module of sympy, which is in very unstable condition.
  • Sepehr MohaimenianPour

    Complex Autonomous Tasks Onboard a UAV using Monocular Cameras
    Organization: ArduPilot
    In this proposal, we are trying to use CNNs and complex Computer Vision methods to perform autonomous tasks using a small form factor companion...
  • Bharat Suri

    Complex Embeddings for OOV Entities
    Organization: DBpedia
    The aim of this project is to enhance the DBpedia Knowledge Base by enabling the model to learn from the corpus and generate embeddings for different...
  • Igor Baratta

    Complex Number support in FEniCS
    Organization: NumFOCUS
    In many fields of science and engineering (such as electrodynamics, acoustics, and quantum mechanics), the partial differential equations (PDEs) can...
  • Ganesh Vernekar

    Composite Label Indices & Alerts rule testing
    Organization: Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)
    Alerting is an important feature in monitoring when it comes to maintaining site reliability, and Prometheus is being used widely for this. Hence it...
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