Free and open source 3D creation for everyone, forever.

Blender is the free/open source 3D creation software for everyone, providing individuals and small teams a complete pipeline for 3D graphics, modeling, animation and games.

Blender is being made by 100s of active volunteers from all around the world; by studios and individual artists, professionals and hobbyists, scientists and students, vfx experts and animators, and so on.

All of them are united by an interest to have access to a fully free/open source 3D creation pipeline. Blender Foundation supports and facilitates these goals - even employs a small staff for that - but fully depends on the online community to achieve it.

Since 2005, Blender has organized a dozen short open films and a game project, which helped Blender tremendously to get more accepted by professionals in their daily work.

We invite students to think of ways to help us with this further. If your passion is with 3D coding, creativity tools, scientific simulation, or anything related to Computer Graphics in general, feel welcome to join us!

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  • c
  • c++
  • python
  • opengl


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Blender Foundation 2019 Projects

  • Hans Goudey
    Bevel Custom Profiles
    The bevel modifier is extremely powerful, but there is constantly a list of requested improvements that could expand its use case and speed up the...
  • Ish Hitesh Bosamiya
    Cloth Simulator Improvement
    Blender has had a cloth simulator for quite a while now. It is based on a system that now needs major changes. A lot of research has been done in...
  • Yiming Wu
    Continued development on LANPR engine for Blender
    LANPR is a fast and accurate 3D NPR feature line rendering engine developed for Blender 2.8 NPR branch. This project is aimed to complete the...
  • Julian Eisel
    Core Support of Virtual Reality Headsets through OpenXR
    Implementation of core features needed for XR (virtual, augmented and mixed reality) headsets via the new OpenXR specification (currently in...
  • Omar Ahmad
    Improve Cycles/EEVEE For Procedural Content Creation
    The project hopes to refactor and add Cycles/EEVEE nodes to improve the workflow of technical/shading artists. This is done by providing; more...
  • Quentin MATILLAT
    Intel Embree BVH for GPU
    Nobody likes waiting for hours whilst blender is busy rendering. Cycle, one of the render engine of blender, is a heavy user of ray-tracing. The...
  • Nathan Craddock
    Outliner Improvements
    With an increased focus on the outliner in Blender 2.8x, many improvements could be implemented to increase the outliner's usability. Synced...