Australian Umbrella Org for Open-Source Projects

We are an Australian not-for-profit umbrella organization for open-source projects. We believe the open-source philosophy provides a resource-efficient channel to transfer knowledge and achieve innovation and education.

In 2019, we offer the following projects:

  • Agora: An electronic voting library.
  • Agora-Web: An online portal for democratic elections.
  • Computational Philosophy: Formalization of philosophical theories and arguments towards computer-assisted metaphysics.
  • Carbon Assistant: Provides conversational access to the CarbonFootprint API.
  • CarbonFootprint: A browser extension to track the C02 emissions.
  • CarbonFootprint API: A universal API to find the C02 emissions.
  • CarbonFootprint-Mobile: A cross-platform app to monitor and track their C02 emissions.
  • CrowdAlert: Platform to report and view the incidents around the globe.
  • Mind the Word: A browser extension that helps users to learn new languages.
  • Scavenger: An automated theorem prover for first-order logic.
  • Social Street Smart: An extension that makes the Internet a more productive.
  • Starcross: Starcross Android App brings the facility of Night Sky Gazing.

We have a diverse group of mentors, including GSoC students from previous years who decided to become long-term contributors as well as academics with extensive experience in supervising undergraduate, M.Sc. and Ph.D. students on theses and projects, whose results are often published and presented in the most prestigious conferences of our research fields.

We are looking for excellent students of any level (undergraduate, M.Sc., or Ph.D.), who are interested in becoming long-term collaborators in our projects and in joining the open-source approach to software development. We will evaluate student applications solely on the basis of programming skills, academic merit and the feasibility of the proposals.

If you are a prospective student interested in doing your Google Summer of Code (GSoC) project with us, please follow the instructions on our website.

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  • scala
  • javascript
  • isabelle proof assistant
  • android
  • ios


  • End User Applications
  • electronic voting
  • natural language processing
  • environment
  • machine learning
  • philosophy
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AOSSIE - Australian Open Source Software Innovation and Education 2019 Projects

  • Hitesh Kumar Rawat
    Adding SSR, CI/CD, Tests, Geohash, NSFW image classifier, and revamping Datastore and UX
    CrowdAlert practically addresses a really good problem we are trying build a solution for. It's solution boils down to having a robust and real-time...
  • Agora is a library of data structures and algorithm for counting votes in elections. It consist of over 40 algorithms along with testing frameworks....
  • Bomen Derick
    Agora Slack Application
    Agora Web is a platform for managing elections. It makes use of the Agora library which is used to count votes and provide election results. This...
  • Mukul Kumar
    Agora Vote Android Application- Mukul Kumar
    Agora vote is a voting platform where users can create elections and invite friends to cast their votes. It supports a wide range of voting...
  • Chirag Singhal
    Agora-web Proposal GSOC 2019
    Agora is a library of data structures and algorithms for counting votes in elections. Agora-web, is a website to conduct online elections.The project...
  • Manikaran Singh
    Aossie Scholar
    The project is related to Google Scholar profiles and metrics. Many researchers have a Google Scholar profile. It is used by people to see how many...
  • Maandeep Singh
    Carbon-footprint Alexa
    Carbon footprint is a project which provides the users with information related to emission of Carbon, Ethane and Nitrous Oxide when they perform...
  • himanshu chhabra
    Carbonfootprint for IOS and UI improvements
    Carbonfootprint is available on android play store and this project tries to make this app more accessible by implementing its IOS counterpart and...
  • Amardeep Kumar
    Chrome Extension for Fake News , Click-Bait and Toxic Comment Detection using AI
    Fake news has become increasingly prevalent over the last few years. Fake news's adverse effect can be seen more and more as people’s reach to social...
  • Rohit Kumar Singh
    Crowdalert is a hybrid mobile application built on react-native, which helps in reporting, and viewing incidents around the globe. My work will...
  • Aayush Dutt
    Cruise Website integration and Improving DevOps
    This task focuses on improving DevOps for Carbon Footprint Web Extension along with adding new features so that new users can benefit from the...
  • Utsav Shukla
    Curbing toxic/abusive language, Click-bait News through AI in Social Street Smart
    Broadly I propose to implement, test and document the following features in Social Street Smart: (1) Hate Speech Detection using Deep Learning and...
  • Siwani Agrawal
    Enhancing Carbon Assistant-Function with new functionalities and unit-testing
    I propose to implement the following ideas in the project:- Enhancing and improving existing google action’s functionalities by adding a wizard-like...
  • Sagar Kalra
    Fully featured production ready app for both iOS and Android
    Carbon Footprint Android App is currently in its beta testing phase, my main goal for this summer will be to introduce some awesome big features like...
  • Harkishen Singh
    GSoC 2019: Improving Mind The Word
    Mind The Word is essentially a very reliable browser based extension, which helps the users to learn and practice languages. This project aims to...
  • Saurabh Thakur
    Improving CarbonFootprint-API
    Enhancing the CarbonFootprint-API to add and refactor new functionalities. The aim of this project is to give users access to the CarbonFootprint...
  • Divyanshu Sharma
    Origin Essentialism (Computational Metaphysics)
    I plan to formalise different version of Salmon's arguments for origin essentialism. For each version, I will be finding out the problem it faces and...
  • Madiyar Makhanov
    Starcross Android App brings the facility of Night Sky Gazing