virtualization abstraction library

The libvirt project provides an API for managing the capabilities of many virtualization technologies, including KVM, QEMU, LXC, Xen, VMWare ESX, Parallels, OpenVZ, VirtualBox, Hyper-V and more. It includes bindings into many programming languages and mappings to SNMP, CIM, and GObject.

Libvirt is a library used by many applications with very different use cases like Jenkins, OpenStack, libguestfs, Munin, oVirt, Kimchi, virt-manager or Cuckoo.

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  • virtualization
  • kvm
  • xen
  • c
  • python


  • Cloud
  • virtualization
  • virtual machine
  • libraries
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Libvirt 2019 Projects

  • Athina Plaskasoviti
    Cloud-init configuration for virt-install/virt-manager
    Cloud-init configuration through virt-install/virt-manager input arguments at VM initial setup. Cloud-init is a package that contains utilities for...
  • Hiroyuki Katsura
    Create Rust bindings for libguestfs
    Libguestfs provides a set of tools for communicating with virtual machine disk images. By using this, you can view or edit a file on almost any disk...
  • Ilias Stamatis
    Expand libvirt test driver API coverage
    The libvirt library provides a stable API for managing platform virtualization utilizing different hypervisors or virtual machine monitors. Each...