End Poverty One Line of Code at a Time

The Mifos Initiative is a US-based 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to speed the elimination of poverty by leading a global community that builds, supports, and uses Mifos, a free and open source platform transforming delivery of responsible financial services to the world’s 3 billion poor and unbanked. Our project sits at the exciting confluence of open banking, fintech, mobile and financial inclusion. Our approach to technology-enabled financial inclusion unites financial institutions, local technology partners, and volunteer developers to collectively advance open source banking infrastructure so the sector can sustainably build impactful innovations in digital financial services.

More than 10 million clients are being reached by 325 financial institutions & fintech innovators who use the Mifos software to power their operations across 40+ countries. They are supported by a global community of 100 deployment partners & hundreds of volunteers.

For the past decade, we’ve been at the forefront of transformative technology for financial services to the poor. Our technology stack provides complete banking infrastructure that is cloud-native, mobile-enabled, and scalable to the billions in need. Our projects center around web & mobile apps that leverage APIs from the Apache Fineract platform & Apache Fineract CN, our latest evolution and the world's only open source application framework for digital financial services.

You'll work with a global community of brilliant minds guided by our shared vision of creating a world of 3 Billion Maries. You'll be mentored by leading fintech developers to build innovation to respond directly to the needs of the Base of the Pyramid:

  • Mobile Wallets & Mobile Banking Apps via USSD & Android
  • Apps leveraging artificial intelligence & machine learning
  • AngularJS based web apps for managing back office of a financial institution
  • Cutting edge web apps for self-service banking for the poor
  • Cloud-native, enterprise banking architecture
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  • android
  • spring
  • java
  • angular
  • mysql


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The Mifos Initiative 2019 Projects

  • Moksh Mahajan
    Android Field Operations App Version 6
    Field Officer Application is an application developed for the Bank staff field officer to keep track of Clients, Centers, Groups, Loan Account,...
  • Apoorva M K
    Computer Vision Based PPI Tool
    The PPI (Poverty Probability Index) is a powerful tool to measure poverty index and also a yard stick to measure the progress and impact of poverty...
    Fiinwallet Hybrid Mobile App
    The Project mainly aims to add some new features as well as enhance the ongoing to an in-development mobile wallet app where people can open a basic...
  • Saksham Handu
    Fineract CN mobile
    I would be working on the following features, and some additional features which are mentioned in my proposal based on Community remarks, 1) Add...
  • Sidhant Gupta
    Integrate Mifos Payment Hub with GSMA Mobile Money APIs
    This project aims to extend the existing Mifos Payment Hub by integrating it with the GSMA Mobile Money APIs and present a working demonstration of...
    Mifos Mobile - Android App Version 4.0
    The Mifos mobile application is all built on top of the Apache Fineract 1.x client-facing APIs to enable self-service channels for clients to...
  • abhaychawla
    Mifos X Web App Angular 6 Rewrite
    Mifos X Web App is the revamped version of the Mifos X Community App, an effective financial inclusion solution and the default web application built...
  • Jivjyot Singh
    Mifos X Web App Angular 6 Rewrite
    Mifos Community App is the default web application built on top of the Apache Fineract platform. It is maintained by the Mifos Initiative as a...
  • Abhijit Ramesh
    mifos-mobile-cn is an Android app for Digital Financial services that is built on top of FIneract-CN platform. It provides banking solutions for...
  • Anshul Singh
    Mifos/Fineract Chatbot & Adapter 2.0
    Mifos/Fineract Chatbot and Adapter 2.0 is next iteration of the project. This project idea aims to provide integration between chatbot and Mifos,...
  • Shivansh Tiwari
    Mobile Wallet - Android App Version 3.0
    Mobile Wallet is an Android-based framework for mobile wallets based on top of Fineract. The app follows the clean architecture and contains a core...
  • CajetanRodrigues
    Online Banking App 3.0
    Throughout the Summer I will be devoted to contributing and working on various modules and making sure that it complies with the terms and standards...
  • Supreeth S Karan
    Scorecard for Credit Risk Assessment
    Develop Interfaces for Credit Risk Assessment Scorecard. Develop UI interfaces, API layer and DB for setting up Features, their relation and criteria...
  • Dylan Robson
    Upgrade android-client field officer app to v6.0.
    Planned features: [OPTIONAL] Scheduler Jobs UI. Continued refactoring and performance improvements. Improve UI and workflows. Implement TOTP based...