Intel Media And Audio For Linux

Intel Media and Audio for Linux is a family of media software, including libVA, FFmpeg-vaapi, FFmpeg-qsv, gstreamer-vaapi, gstreamer-msdk, libyami, libxcam and SOF. libVA is an open source software library and API specification to provide access to hardware accelerated video decoding/encoding and video processing. FFmpeg-vaapi supplies hardware acceleration based on the low-level VAAPI interface that takes advantage of the industry standard VA API to execute high-performance video transcoding. FFmpeg-qsv supplies hardware acceleration based based on Intel Media SDK library. Gstreamer-vaapi is a GStreamer plugin that allows hardware accelerated video processing through libVA. Gstreamer-msdk is a Gstreamer plugin for the IntelĀ® Media SDK to execute video hardware acceleration. libyami is an open source video codec library to accelerate video decoding/encoding based on libVA. libxcam is an open source camera library to support computational photography features like 3A and image processing. SOF is an open source community that provides an open source audio DSP firmware and SDK for audio or signal processing on modern DSPs. All of these projects increase the speed and performance of decoding and encoding compressed digital video, imaging and audio. They also support workload offloading of CPU.

These projects are provided for operating system vendors, systems integrators, and original device manufacturers who are creating branded or customized operating systems for embedded devices, phones, tablets, convertibles, desktops, gaming and entertainment systems and more. Independent software vendors that create applications and games can also take advantage of the freely available source code and binaries.

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  • video
  • audio
  • ffmpeg
  • gstreamer
  • hardware acceleration


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Intel Media And Audio For Linux 2019 Projects

  • Sergey Zvezdakov
    GStreamer: Add VMAF filter as plugin in the GStreamer
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    Super Resolution image from low resolution image
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