Powerful, modern, open source team chat, complete with apps for every platform.

Zulip is a powerful, open source group chat application. It competes with Slack, IRC, Jabber, and dozens of other team chat tools designed to help teams (whether open source projects or companies) collaborate effectively via its unique threading model. Zulip supports fast search, drag-and-drop file uploads, image previews, group private messages, configurable notifications, missed-message emails, markdown message rendering, and much more -- essentially everything you might want.

Unlike Slack, it’s open source and has a welcoming community of over 500 volunteer contributors. Unlike IRC/Jabber/etc., Zulip is a complete, modern application, with a nice web interface, mobile apps for iOS and Android, and desktop apps for Mac/Linux/Windows. And unlike all other popular group chat tools, Zulip is designed to make conversations more efficient through its unique threading system that helps teams manage large numbers of messages. In particular, Zulip makes it easy to have multiple conversations at the same time with the same groups of people, and easy to catch up on hundreds or thousands of messages quickly without missing anything important.

Zulip is known for its extensive developer documentation (140,000 words and growing!), code quality, and tooling, and thus is the ideal project to work on to learn how to build a high-quality web application. Our goal in the GSoC program is for each successful student to grow into becoming the maintainer of one or more major components by the end of the program.

As an organization, we value high-quality mentorship and high quality product -- you can expect to learn a lot how to make a large software project successful from disciplined code reviews by highly experienced engineers. Your GSoC experience with the Zulip project will be highly interactive (with daily chat checkins with mentors, experts, and other students), with a focus on teaching you the concepts and reasoning behind how Zulip is engineered and how to make it better.

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  • python
  • react native
  • django
  • javascript
  • electron


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Zulip Open Source Project 2019 Projects

    Advancement/Improvement of Settings Subsystem. (Zulip-Server)
    Primarily, my main focus of summers would be whole settings subsystem. I will work on making it more robust and improving the quality of the code.
  • Yashashvi Dave
    Enhance and refactor stream settings system
    The project is focused enhancing current "stream settings" features. Project also includes stream settings code refactorization and improving user...
  • Wyatt Hoodes
    Hone Zulip's Development Productivity Tooling
    The project consists of multiple pieces that incrementally add to the strength of the development and testing infrastructure. Address High priority...
  • Thomas Ip
    Improve the developer-friendliness of the frontend toolchain
    Fix quality-of-life issues in the frontend Migrate the frontend to TypeScript Start the process of rebuilding the Zulip web UI in React
  • Hemanth V. Alluri
    Improve Zulip's Webhooks/Integrations Backend and OpenAPI Systems
    The first part of this project involves improving certain parts of Zulip's webhooks/integrations system. 1.Make it much easier to quickly and...
  • Yash Rathore
    Improvements to the overall user experience and structure of the Web App (and other minor issues)
    This project will focus on solving several of the high priority issues related to the general user experience of Zulip. This would involve improving...
  • Vipul Sharma-1
    Improvements to Zulip’s Desktop app
    My main objective of the proposed project would be to improve Zulip’s electron-based client application by adding a test suite, bug fixing and adding...
  • Mohit-thedeveloperr
    Improving Message View and Search
    Project involves working on improvements in Zulip which are priority and on project roadmap. Zulip is a team chat software so experience around...
  • Sumanth V Rao
    Improving the Aesthetics and Functionality of Zulip’s Terminal Client.
    Zulip-terminal (ZT) is a light and fast terminal client for Zulip. It targets a niche audience of programmers who primarily use a terminal based...
  • Mateusz Mandera
    Mateusz Mandera - various backend work
    Proposal for commited work over the summer, built on my already acquired experience and knowledge of the Zulip codebase - continuing my work on...
  • Vinit Singh
    Notification Panel, LDAP Integration Fixes & other UI changes.
    Adding a completely new Notification Panel for the Web app. Additional work on miscellaneous features, UI changes and relevant test suites. Major bug...
  • Kanishk Kakar
    Polishing Zulip (Electron)
    With its innovative threading model and robust web app, Zulip has received a lot of praise from remote teams that use it. While the desktop app is...
  • Vaibhav .
    Refactor & cleanup CSS and internals of UI components
    Motivation for proposing the idea: Presently the Zulip CSS code does not take complete advantage of the SCSS preprocessor. SCSS provides a lot of...
  • Isham Mahajan
    Refining UX and gaining parity with the webapp.
    Aims to improve the experience of using the application on both platforms by solving high priority issues related to how new/old messages are...
  • Aman Agrawal
    Revamped Zulip Terminal
    Zulip Terminal is now being actively developed. Also, the user base for it has been steadily growing; but most of them only use it as a temporary...
  • Alexandra Ciobica
    Visual design on logged out pages & refactor CSS
    The project aims at making the logged out pages more attractive by improving the visual design, adding illustrations and making a consistent design...
  • Rohitt Vashishtha
    Work Across Zulip Message Rendering Pipeline
    My primary targets for the summer are as follows: Solve issues across Zulip's message rendering pipeline. Assist in converting the Zulip webapp...