Open-source automation server for building great things at any scale

Jenkins, originally founded in 2006 as "Hudson", is one of the leading automation servers. Jenkins' motto is "Build great things at any scale". Using an extensible, plugin-based architecture developers have created hundreds of plugins to adapt Jenkins to a multitude of build, test, and deployment automation workloads. Jenkins core is open-source (MIT License)

The project has about 400 active contributors working on Jenkins core, plugins, website, project infrastructure, localization activities, etc. In total we have more than 2000 components including plugins, libraries, and various utilities. The main languages in the project are Java, Groovy and JavaScript, but we also have components written in other languages (Go, C/C++, C#, etc.). Jenkins project also includes multiple sub-projects (including Jenkins X, Configuration-as-Code and Remoting) and special interest groups. These projects and SIGs participate in GSoC as a part of the Jenkins project.

This year we invite students to join the Jenkins community and to work together on Jenkins plugins in order to improve Jenkins user experience and reliability.

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  • java
  • javascript
  • docker
  • kubernetes
  • machine learning


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Jenkins project 2019 Projects

  • Parichay Barpanda
    Multi-branch Pipeline support for Gitlab
    Current version of GitLab plugin on Jenkins doesn't fully support Multibranch Pipeline Jobs. There exists another unofficial plugin (Gitlab Branch...
  • Natasha Stopa
    Plugins Installation Manager CLI Tool/Library
    One of the most defining features of Jenkins is its extensibility via plugins. Although plugins can be managed and installed from within a live...
  • Nguyen Le Vu Long
    Remoting over Apache Kafka with Kubernetes features
    Current version of Remoting over Apache Kafka plugin requires users to manually configure the entire system which includes Zookeeper, Kafka and...
  • Abhyudaya Sharma
    Role Strategy Plugin Performance Improvement
    The project revolves around improving the performance of the Role Strategy Plugin, the most downloaded authorization plugin for Jenkins (which is not...
  • Jack Shen
    Working Hours Plugin - UI Improvements
    The current Working Hour Plugin provides an interface to set up a schedule of allowable build times but the user interface and usability still need...