MetaBrainz curates and makes available metadata about music and books.

The MetaBrainz Foundation is a non-profit that believes in free, open access to data. It has been set up to build community maintained databases and make them available in the public domain or under Creative Commons licenses.

Our data is mostly gathered by volunteers and verified by peer review to ensure it is consistent and correct. All non-commercial use of this data is free, but commercial users are asked to support us in order to help fund the project. We encourage all data users to contribute to the data gathering process so that our data can be as comprehensive as possible.

The MetaBrainz Foundation believes in transparent finances and is supported by end user donations and a number of sponsors who provide funds in order for the foundation to accomplish its goals. The foundation also has several commercial supporters who make use of our data sets.

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  • python
  • perl
  • javascript
  • postgres
  • react


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MetaBrainz Foundation Inc 2019 Projects

  • amCap1712
    Bring back MusicBrainz for Android to Life
    MusicBrainz for Android was first created in 2010-11 as a part of GSoC. Since 2015, no updates have been made to the project. The app is currently...
  • Anirudh Jain
    Edit Previews for non-release type Musicbrainz Entities
    Converting the current template toolkit setup to ReactJs and then adding edit previews for non-release entities in musicbrainz for something similar...
  • Shamroy Pellew
    GSoC 2019: Support For Reviewing and Rating More Entities (CritiqueBrainz)
    Currently CritiqueBrainz’ users can review release groups, events, and places. This will be expanded on by implementing reviews for other MusicBrainz...
  • Akhilesh Kumar
    JSON Web API for BookBrainz
    The project is aimed to design and implement the JSON API to programmatically query the BookBrainz database. Since the existing backend of BookBrainz...
  • Vansika Pareek
    Music recommendation system: Collaborative filtering using Apache Spark
    ListenBrainz has recently shifted its statistics infrastructure from Google BigQuery to Apache Spark. Apart from delivering statistics/graphs to end...
  • Aidan Lawford-Wickham
    Recording Similarity Index for AcousticBrainz
    The AcousticBrainz database contains detailed high and low-level information for millions of audio recordings, all of which create an essential for...