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Eclipse is an open source community that's focused around key principles of transparency, openness, and vendor neutrality. Transparency is a relatively easy concept to understand: the work that we do is done in a manner that can be observed by anybody with an interest. While many open source organizations regard openness as a synonym for transparency, the Eclipse community defines openness as a project team being open to new ideas, and inviting others to participate. Vendor neutrality ensures that no single vendor can dominate a project and that everybody plays by the same set of rules (a so-called "level playing field").

Naturally, Eclipse projects are also all about the code. With over 350 open source projects covering a diverse set of of technologies, there's something here for everybody.

Eclipse projects build technology in areas such as Internet of Things, Programming Languages and IDE, and Runtimes and Jakarta EE.

For those students interested in research, we have an entire working group focused on Science where researchers from some of the world's most prestigious labs do open source development to support their research areas.

You've probably heard about our market-leading software development tools; we have that, and so much more...

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  • javascript
  • openj9


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The Eclipse Foundation 2019 Projects

  • Andreas Pronosa
    APP4MC capable Real-Time applications on embedded Systems
    We want to execute real-time applications using a RTOS on typical heterogeneous embedded systems and compare the results with APP4MC. In order to...
  • The CDGen is an application using Eclipse APP4MC for code generation using the System Model to enhance cost-effectiveness and decreasing the chance...
  • Jonas Hungershausen
    Dart support for the Eclipse IDE
    Dart is a recent programming language. Originally proposed by a team at Google in 2010, its main purposes were to be a flexible, but structured...
  • Jan Holzweber
    Dynamic Code Loading for Eclipse 4diac
    As Eclipse 4diac allows programming of many different devices, such as Plcs, RaspberryPies, Lego Mindstorms, a runtime environment has to be compiled...
  • Sanatt Abrol
    Eclipse SWT Chart - Extending the export options
    Eclipse SWTChart allows to create different types of charts. The API is well designed and allows to create Line, Bar and Scatter charts easily. In...
  • Rijul Saini
    Live Synchronization Skeleton for CoEditing in Che and Theia
    Increasingly, distributed software development teams rely on online collaboration. The proposed project aims to implement the first skeleton of...
  • David Nagy
    Model Visualization for App4MC
    Model Visualization Plugin for App4MC - Eclipse IDE The world in which we live in is evolving faster than anyone can expect. New Technologies and...
  • Junhyung Ki
    Optimizing Heterogeneous Systems through Quality Evaluation (Eclipse APP4MC Topic 5: CPU-GPU Response Time and Mapping Analysis)
    I am highly interested in APP4MC Topic 5 (CPU-GPU Response Time and Mapping Analysis), and would like to contribute to this topic with my experience...
  • Billy Yuan
    Reactive relational database client
    This project aims at implementing TDS (Tabular Data Stream) protocol of Microsoft SQL Server based on SPI of the Reactive SQL Client for Eclipse...
  • Mahmoud Bazzal
    RTFParallella (Real Time Framework Parallella)
    A framework to implement real time software on Adapteva Parallella platform