The Universal Operating System

The Debian Project is an association of individuals who have made common cause to create a free operating system -- Debian

An operating system is the set of basic programs and utilities that make your computer run. At the core of an operating system is the kernel. The kernel is the most fundamental program on the computer and does all the basic housekeeping and lets you start other programs.

Debian systems currently use the Linux kernel or the FreeBSD kernel.

However, work is in progress to provide Debian for other kernels, primarily for the Hurd. The Hurd is a collection of servers that run on top of a microkernel (such as Mach) to implement different features. The Hurd is free software produced by the GNU project.

A large part of the basic tools that fill out the operating system come from the GNU project; hence the names: GNU/Linux, GNU/kFreeBSD, and GNU/Hurd. These tools are also free.

Of course, the thing that people want is application software: programs to help them get what they want to do done, from editing documents to running a business to playing games to writing more software. Debian comes with over 51000 packages (precompiled software that is bundled up in a nice format for easy installation on your machine), a package manager (APT), and other utilities that make it possible to manage thousands of packages on thousands of computers as easily as installing a single application. All of it free.

It's a bit like a tower. At the base is the kernel. On top of that are all the basic tools. Next is all the software that you run on the computer. At the top of the tower is Debian — carefully organizing and fitting everything so it all works together.

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  • git
  • python
  • javascript
  • c/c++
  • irc


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Debian 2019 Projects

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    Android SDK tools in Debian
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  • Arthur Diniz
    Debian Cloud Image Finder
    This project aims to develop a web application that will make it easier for users to find official Debian cloud images.
  • Jaskaran Singh
    Debian Patch Porting System
    Traditional patching methods require a lot of investigation, looking for the right patch, applying it, compiling, failing, and trying again. The...
  • utkarsh2102
    Package Loomio for Debian
    Loomio is a decision-making software designed to assist groups with the collaborative decision-making process. It is a free software web application,...