FOSSology is an open source license compliance software system and toolkit.

FOSSology is an industry standard tool for the end-to-end analysis of software components in a single web server application. It lets organizations scan source code for:

•License information, •Copyright notices, •Export control relevant information.

It makes software clearing teams more efficient by offering high precision with few false positives, greatly reducing overhead costs.

FOSSology let users auto-generate compliance documentation according to the organization's needs, in a variety of data formats (DOCX, SPDX, XML, debian-copyright, text files, etc.). It keeps confidential product development information within the organization.

FOSSology is an Open Source Software tool licensed under GPL-2.0 and a Linux Foundation collaboration project. Like any other OSS project FOSSology can be used free of charge (no license fees have to be paid).

As a long-running Open Source project, FOSSology can easily accommodate evolving user needs, and offers unrivalled opportunities for adaptation.

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  • postgresql
  • php
  • c/c++
  • jquery
  • bash


  • Other
  • compliance
  • license-scan
  • oss licensing
  • spdx
  • oss compliance
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FOSSology Project 2019 Projects

  • HastagAB
    Continuation of Atarashi OSS
    Atarashi scans for license statements in open source software, focusing on text statistics. Designed to work stand-alone and with FOSSology. Right...
  • Sandip Kumar Bhuyan
    Integration of Software Heritage in FOSSology
    FOSSology is a open source license compliance software system and toolkit. As a toolkit a user can run license, copyright and export control scans...
  • Vivek_Kumar
    Spasht Agent
    Clearly Defined is a collection metadata of licences, copyrights and the source codes. Clearly Defined clarifies data on open source components, and...