Vim-fork focused on extensibility and usability

Neovim is a fork of Vim aiming to provide a better "out of the box" experience on modern systems, for users but also for plugin developers ("extensibility and usability").


  • Provide a flexible, extensible Vim with a first-class, fast scripting alternative (Lua/LuaJit)
  • Provide a consistent user experience across platforms
  • Maintain feature parity with Vim
  • Continue the Vim tradition of backwards compatibility, with few exceptions
  • Target all platforms supported by libuv
  • Delegate to plugins, but preserve the utility of the editor core
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  • lua


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Neovim 2019 Projects

  • abdelhakeem
    Multiprocessing Feature
    The job control feature of Neovim introduced great multitasking support that added new capabilities and enhanced important tasks by allowing them to...
  • H.L Praveen Raj
    TUI (Terminal UI) remote attachment
    Nvim works as both a server and a client. “Nvim client” can connect to any other “Nvim server” and Nvim GUIs can show the screen of a remote “Nvim...