SCoRe has conducted research covering various aspects of Security, Mobile & IOT.

The Sustainable Computing Research Lab (SCoRe) has conducted research covering various aspects of mobile, cloud, iot, digital forensic, information security and more. The goal of our research is to generate computing solutions through identifying low-cost methodologies and strategies that lead to sustainability​.

At present, the SCoRe Lab is at a stage of its evolution in which it has been able to secure high donor confidence as evidenced by no less than 5 simultaneous foreign funded projects underway since 2005. SCoRe Lab has been a pioneer in cooperating with Internet Society (ISOC), Swedish Agency for International Development Cooperation (Sida)/The Department for Research Cooperation (SAREC), The Swedish Program for Information and Communication Technology in Developing Regions (Spider) and Information Society Innovation Fund (ISIF) in the area of computer science by establishing several interesting ICT research projects. These projects are considered to be the benchmarks of such projects in the World.

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  • python
  • nodejs
  • android
  • golang


  • Security
  • information security
  • mobile
  • cloud
  • web development
  • machine learning
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SCoRe Lab (Sustainable Computing Research Lab) 2019 Projects

  • Wolf-Legend
    Androphsy(OpenMF) - Redesign and Develop Backend in Python
    To convert the Androphsy(OpenMF) backend to python
  • Pawan Bhadu
    Bassa - Making installation of Bassa and containerize in a better way with efficient file storage
    Bassa project is about making installation of Bassa easier for its users and containerizing in a better way to use available resources in efficient...
  • Vibhor Gupta
    Bassa: File Management and ACL
    To scale Bassa from its current use of an internet download queueing micro-service to a full-fledged file management system for uploading resources...
  • Hansika Perera
    ChainKeeper - Optimized Bitcoin blockchain parser for memory constrained devices
    Bitcoin blockchain is a huge data structure with 180+GB in size. Due to this huge size,​ available Bitcoin parsers take several hours to parse the...
  • Poornima Rangoda
    ChainKeeper - Optimized Blockchain Analytical Interface for ChainKeeper
    Currently, ChainKeeper is working as a web application which can use for the retrieve blockchain data for any kind of purposes. And it has an inbuilt...
  • Lakindu Gunasekara
    CLocal Azure Project Proposal - GSoC 2019
    CLocal Azure will be an easy to use emulation engine for the users of azure cloud services. In this project the users will be able to test/mock the...
  • Wathsara Daluwatta
    Community App Using Go Social Framework - Animal Rescue App
    A common sight on today’s streets is the number of abandoned animals languishing on the streets suffering with injuries and disease and live without...
  • Dilina Dehigama
    DroneSym - Drone Fleet Controlling System
    DroneSym is a web-based platform which focuses on controlling drone fleets realtime. Users will have the functionality to add new drones, configure...
  • ayushjn20
    Dunner is a container based task runner tool built in Golang using Docker’s client library. A user can define multiple tasks, each task with some...
  • Devon Wijesinghe
    Fact Bounty Web App Proposal
    The Internet is a place where people come to find out information and due to the rapid growth of the use of social media there is so much data...
  • Tuan Amith
    Fact-Bounty - A web interface for a crowd-driven Fact-checking platform
    Fact-Bounty is a platform to view news items from low-credible sources and seeks the opinion from the community regarding the truthfulness of the...
  • Anmol Bansal
    Fact-Bounty - Implement a backend for a crowd-driven Fact-checking platform
    Fact Bounty is a crowd driven fact checking platform. With the growth of the social media ecosystem, came the issues of misleading news and rumours....
  • Amrita Chaturvedi
    FrontEnd UI page for NodeCloud Resource Management
    Currently, NodeCloud supports AWS, GCP, and Azure. This project aims at creating a common dashboard which will be linked to the portal, for checking...
  • Shehan Dhaleesha
    Go-social Community App - TrackPal
    TrackPal is a public based mobile application that will be implemented using react-native. And the components that are in operation with this...
  • Tharaka Romesh
    Implement NodeCloud CLI
    nodecloud-cli is an unified command line interface for open cloud based on nodecloud. nodecloud-cli supports cloud providers like AWS, Azure, GCP and...
  • Tushar Varshney
    LabelLab is an image analyzing and classification platform. The web application should allow users to upload batches of images and classify them with...
  • Mehant Kammakomati
    Making Installation of Bassa and Containerize in a Better Way
    Bassa is an automated download queue for communities. It is an n-tier application which needs extra layers of development and operations to make it...
  • Udesh Kumarasignhe
    Mobile App for LabelLab
    Sustainable Computing Research Lab has done researches and project to identify elephants from images and tag them. LabelLab projects is a generalized...
  • Rishabh Singh
    NodeCloud Provider Implementation - DigitalOcean & AliCloud
    NodeCloud is Node.js based API for open cloud. It works as a standalone core and depends on the cohesive plugins that extends its support onto...
  • withan
    OpenIoE - Implement authentication for message broker and rest API for OpenIOE
    OpenIoE is an Open-source middleware platform for building, managing, and integrating connected products with the Internet of Everything. It enables...
  • dande9304
    OpenIoE - Implement User Interface for OpenIoE
    OpenIoE is an Open-source middleware platform for building, managing, and integrating connected products with the Internet of Everything. It is an...
  • Apoorva Manjunath
    SCoRe - Dunner
    Build a Docker based task runner in Golang.
  • Yash Mehrotra
    Senz Admin Panel
    Admin panel is the view of the software that interact with the user and enable overall control on the devices .It fetches data from multiple sources...
  • Singh Rohan
    Shifting Bassa codebase from Angular to React using Webpack
    Though the basic functionality of Bassa is complete and working, however AngularJS is not much supportive right now so the codebase needs to be...
  • Durgesh Kumar
    TensorMap will be a web platform to play with the machine and deep learning algorithms, where a user will define a flow of algorithm using simple...
  • Suleka Helmini
    TensorMap is a web application that will allow users to create machine learning algorithms visually. TensorMap supports reverse engineering of the...
  • made777
    Vision based machine drawing analyzing system(VBMDAS)
    The ultimate objective of this project is to develop an automated software system with a graphical user interface that can estimate the manufacturing...