Python is a programming language used by software developers and scientists.

Python is a popular high-level programming language used by scientists, developers, and many others who want to work more quickly and integrate systems more effectively. The Python Software Foundation serves as an umbrella organization to a variety of Python-related projects, as well as sponsoring projects related to the development of the Python language.

This year, our sub-orgs are:

  • MNE-Python (processing electroencephalography (EEG) and magnetoencephalography (MEG) data)
  • PySAL (quantitative analysis of geographic data)
  • Python GSoC (blog management tools)
  • SciPy (fundamental routines for scientific computing)
  • StarKit (astrophysics inference)
  • Nuitka (python compiler)
  • MSS - Mission Support System (atmospheric research flight planner)
  • EOS Design System (UX, UI design tools)
  • Scrapy (web scraping framework)
  • Statsmodels (statistics and econometrics)
  • Buildbot (automating software build, test, and release processes)
  • CVE Binary Tool (scans for a number of common, vulnerable open source components )
  • DFFML (machine learning)
  • Mercurial (source control management)
  • TARDIS (open-source code to explore observations of supernovae)
  • Python Argentina (community projects for Spanish speakers)
  • LiberTEM (processing large scale binary data)
  • Panda3D (3D rendering and games)
  • Plone (content management system)
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Python Software Foundation 2019 Projects

  • Navaneeth Suresh
    Add functionality to store an unresolved merge-state
    Merge conflicts are part of every version control system structure. There can be situations in which some changes are necessary for a piece of...
  • Yash Lamba
    Add New Machine Learning Models
    DFFML provides APIs for dataset generation and storage, and model definition using any machine learning framework, from high level down to low level...
  • Ziao Wang
    Add Windows Support for CVE-Binary-Tool
    CVE Binary Tool is running on Linux systems now by taking advantages of bash commands like file and string. Since file and string have already been...
  • Jaladh Singhal
    Auto-generate Filter Curves & Photometry
    The main objective of this project is to create such interfaces (by the means of various visualizations of the library) that makes it easier for user...
  • Sudharsana K J L
    DFFML: Implementing Labeled and Versioned Datasets and Efficient Data Storage
    This proposal aims to add support to include labeled and versioned dataset from the same source and also to build an efficient storage system that...
  • José C. García Alanis
    Enhance statistical inference using linear regression in MNE-Python
    In statistics, linear regression is typically used for modelling relationships between predictor variables and a response variable. In particular, by...
  • Ezequiel Pássaro
    Expansion of the TARDIS Atomic Database
    TARDIS is a Monte Carlo radiative transfer code whose primary goal is the calculation of theoretical spectra for supernovae based on a number of...
  • Mehak Sachdeva
    Generalized Modeling and Predictions in Multiscale Geographically Weighted Regression
    A recent addition to the local statistical models in PySAL is the implementation of Multiscale Geographically Weighted Regression (MGWR) model, a...
  • Tomas Baltrunas
    Grad-CAM Neural Network Explanations for ELI5
    ELI5​ is a Python library for explaining and debugging machine learning (ML) models. Currently ELI5 supports scikit-learn, xgboost, and other ML...
  • Abhinandan Sharma
    Icons and EOS web page
    EOS delivers a set of icons that are made 1-to-1 following Material Design Icons. They are currently published at...
  • Kartikay Bhutani
    Icons picker and Custom font generator
    In most of the cases around 80% of icons in an iconic font are unused. This reduces the performance of a web page unnecessarily. This project aims to...
  • Taapas Agrawal
    Implement continue and abort command
    In mercurial we have various commands like graft, histedit, rebase, shelve, etc. which when used might end up in a conflicted state which then...
  • Jaeweon Shin
    LiberTEM : Distributed algorithms for dimensionality reduction methods on scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) data
    Dimensionality reduction techniques are useful methods that allow us to gain crucial insights about the given dataset. Unfortunately, such methods...
  • Karina
    LiberTEM: Development of the pipeline for crystallography analysis including GUI development
    Developing of the pipeline for crystallography analysis including GUI development
  • Anveshan Lal
    Mission Support System : Updating Geographical Plotting Routines
    Mission Support System currently relies on the python basemap package for supplying non-cylindrical projections and plotting of geographical features...
  • Shivashis Padhi
    Mission Support System: Collaborative editing of flight path in real-time
    Mission Support System is a flight planning software which a researcher can use to analyze predicted atmospheric data, and plan a flight-path with 3D...
  • Stefan Appelhoff
    MNE-Python: Automatic processing of neurophysiology datasets organized using the Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS)
    In this project, we will bring together MNE-Python’s standard neurophysiological data processing functions with the Brain Imaging Data Structure...
  • Dirk Gütlin
    MNE-Python: Improve Time Frequency Analysis in Source Space
    Enable full application of Time-Frequency Analysis tools on Source Estimate M/EEG neurophysiological data by integrating mne.SourceEstimate objects...
  • Taofeng(Tommy) Li
    Nuitka support for PyPI top 50
    Nuitka is a Python compiler written in Python. It is a seamless replacement or extension to the Python interpreter and compiles every construct that...
  • Batakrishna Sahu
    Nuitka: All Python built-ins optimized for Nuitka
    Nuitka has support for many built-ins, e.g. len already, which means dedicated C code, compile-time evaluation, type shapes produced (in this case an...
  • Christopher He
    Panda3D: Adding Features to the Collision Detection System
    Collision detection is essential in a game engine. It is the reason you go bonkers playing Flappy Bird. However, it would be difficult and expensive...
  • Donny Lawrence
    Panda3D: iOS Support
    Panda3D is a mature 3D rendering engine both in age and functionality, addressing the need for the rapid prototyping of games while still providing...
  • Alok Kumar Singh
    Plone :- GatsbyJs Preview for plone
    Currently gatsby-source-plone plugin is unable to update,update, delete and create node after fetching data from plone site unless GatsbyJs...
  • Karan Pratap Singh
    Plone: Guillotina API Evolution
    Improving Guillotina API by making it more compliant to JSON-LD. Implementing WebSocket endpoint for all the API functionalities JSON validation...
  • Sando
    Python Argentina -PyAfipWS / Continuous Integration & Deployment & Fixes with python
    About the project. The idea is to stabilize the project in python 3, perform unit tests (to test the migration to python3), add continuous...
  • Sounak Pradhan
    Python GSoC: Build a multi-user Blogging Platform with additional features to manage GSoC@PSF
    Every year more than 100 students apply for GSoC under the umbrella organization PSF. Currently there is a multi-user blogging website using...
  • peterbell10
    Revamp scipy.fftpack
    Creating a new SciPy submodule, scipy.fft that supercedes the current scipy.fftpack module. This module uses a newer, faster and more accurate FFT...
  • Anubhav Dinesh Patel
    Scrapy : Support for different robots.txt parsers
    Scrapy currently uses Python's inbuilt RobotFileParser which is not fully compliant, but the more compliant alternatives are difficult to package and...
  • Leonardo Rodrigues
    Scrapy/Spidermon: Create a CLI to setup spidermon on projects
    Spidermon is a monitoring tool created to help Scrapy users. It helps by creating monitors to be checked when Scrapy spiders run, like tests, and...
  • vipulgupta2048
    Scrapy: Integrate Cerberus
    Spidermon is a recommended tool for monitoring spiders created using Scrapy. Currently, our user can choose between two libraries for item validation...