Unbiased open source database experts.

Percona is an unbiased, trusted database partner that provides open source enterprise-grade database software, including Percona Server for MySQL, Percona Server for MongoDB, Percona XtraDB Cluster and Percona XtraBackup.

We also build tools for database monitoring and management. Percona Monitoring and Management is a free and open-source platform for managing and monitoring MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB and PostgreSQL performance on premises and in the cloud. Percona Toolkit and Percona Monitoring Plugins also help DBA's across the globe to automate and simply tedious day-to-day tasks.

Percona's fully open source and free database software choices are drop-in replacements for MySQL and MongoDB, and provide equivalent enterprise-grade features that are normally only available through paid subscriptions.

We've worked with thousands of customers, many of which are the biggest and most recognizable online names. Our solutions have become productivity and innovation best practices.

Percona can help your enterprise maximize the power, flexibility and cost effectiveness of open source solutions so that you can meet customer expectations and business goals.

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  • mysql
  • postgresql
  • prometheus
  • javascript
  • selenium


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Percona 2019 Projects

  • Mrinal Dutta
    Grafana Dashboards refactoring
    The aim of the proposal is to convert existing Grafana dashboard's static JSON files to Jsonnet files, which will help dynamically generate JSON as...
  • Kartikeya Gokhale
    Refactor UI tests Helper
    codeceptjs-resemblehelper is a CodeceptJS helper which integrates the resemble.js functionality of image comparison in tests used to compare...