Automate REST APIs. Next generation API clients.

Hydra is a documentation framework that bases on top of established Linked Data (Semantic Web) tools to build the next generation of connected Web APIs. The team of developers in the Hydra Ecosystem community aims to establish tools to make Hydra framework operational using Python. A list of tools under development can be found at this link.

Hydra is currently a draft created by World Wide Web Consortium’s Hydra Community Group. Official documentation available here and development is open here.

Hydra Ecosystem promotes and facilitates the adoption of Hydra.

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  • python
  • redis
  • flask
  • javascript
  • sql


  • Web
  • semantic web
  • api
  • web
  • hydra
  • docker
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Hydra Ecosystem 2019 Projects

  • Vishal Desai
    Improve hydrus
    hydrus(Hydra universal server) is a python based tool to create hypermedia-driven REST-APIs. It uses Hydra(W3C draft) standard for creation and...
  • Gustavo Morais
    Smart Agents and Hydra APIs - Dynamic Demo
    Our Unstructured Web Data In the current web, we have a lot of websites, data, and services, but all of it usually only in a human-readable way. The...