Working together to improve the Free and Open Source Silicon ecosystem

The Free and Open Source Silicon (FOSSi) Foundation is a not-for-profit organization with the support the growing community of open source silicon hardware. We do this with a variety of activities and through Google Summer of Code we bring together enthusiastic students and outstanding projects. Under our umbrella are open source silicon hardware projects, operating systems and compilers for such projects, tools for electronic design automation and the related ecosystem.

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  • verilog
  • compiler
  • risc-v
  • web development
  • jenkins


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  • hardware
  • web services
  • debug
  • simulation
  • electronic design tools
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Free and Open Source Silicon Foundation 2019 Projects

  • Alaa Salman
    Analysis of WARP-V on FireSim with RocketChip
    Analysis of the architectural performance of WARP-V using FireSim and RocketChip Chisel code. Adding WARP-V to RocketChip to utilize the capabilities...
  • Nancy Chauhan
    Continuous Integration for Hardware Projects on LibreCores CI
    Librecores provides a platform to share projects and ideas, in the area of free and open source digital hardware design. Librecores CI is an...
  • Kunal Gulati
    Enhancing JuxtaPiton with X86 Support
    JuxtaPiton is an architecture being developed at Princeton’s Parallel Group for heterogeneous ISA research. For this project, I will replace the...
  • Aquib Baig
    Extend in terms of User Interactivity and Feedback
    This project aims to develop user interactivity on the website through a full-fledged notification system and a platform to record user feedback. The...
  • Ákos Hadnagy
    FPGA-Accelerated Web Applications
    Building hardware requires access to costly tools and hardware, furthermore complexity in hardware design remains a deterrent force. FPGAs in the...
  • Reshabh Sharma
    LLVM Code Generation for RISC-V Open Source GPU
    Bespoke Silicon group at University of Washington is working on the second version of their open source RISC-V manycore processor. They are also...
  • Zach Zheng
    Microarchitectural enhancement of Ariane
    This project is to add Microarchitectural enhancement of Ariane that is a popular open-source CPU core implementing the RISC-V ISA (instruction set...