Secure software defined networking for any cloud, anywhere.

Many clouds

This is now a multicloud world. Companies are developing applications designed to work in the cloud (cloud native), but are finding that there isn't a single cloud offering that meets all of their requirements. Combinations of private and public clouds (hybrid multicloud) are necessary to deliver the services required for their business needs.

Maintaining the communication between all of these clouds (the network fabric) can be complicated. Each one can have its own APIs and policies. Making sure everything stays up to date and secure is time consuming and error prone.

That's where we come in.

One (Tungsten) Fabric

Tungsten Fabric is a secure software defined networking project designed for the cloud native, multicloud environment. Placing it on top of any IP network allows you to have a single portal for defining, monitoring, and analyzing your entire multicloud network, its security, and its performance.

Using Tungsten Fabric, you can write and deploy network and security policies that are portable to any cloud environment. All of your clouds can have a consistent and easily maintainable configuration. Standardized policies will make your security team happy, too.

Internet scale

Tungsten Fabric is designed from the ground up to be as fast, as secure, and as scaleable as you need. From small private networks to Tier 1 ISPs, Tungsten Fabric can handle it…and we have users and contributors from both and everything in between! Working with Tungsten Fabric will give you a lot of experience with and knowledge about our industry.

Join us!

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  • linux
  • kubernetes
  • python
  • networking
  • c/c++


  • Cloud
  • software defined networking
  • routing
  • security
  • multicloud
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Tungsten Fabric 2019 Projects

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