Analytical solutions for Next-Generation Sequencing data

The Montreal C3G node is hosted at the McGill University and Genome Quebec Innovation Centre (MUGQIC). The Montreal node is strongly involved with GenAP and has developed several genomic data analysis pipelines. Our teams have significant experience in personalized medicine applications. Since 2011, we have completed more than 400 bioinformatics analysis projects with over 290 distinct groups of researchers across Canada. These have included genome analysis and interpretation of personal genomes, technology and services to record patient presentations, RNA- and ChIP-seq data analysis, and analysis of complete human epigenomes, in both germline disorders and cancers. Each year C3G co-organizes several international workshops about next-generation sequencing data analysis.

The Montreal C3G node develops the GenPipes pipelines which consist of Python scripts which create a list of jobs running Bash commands to analyze NGS data. Those scripts support dependencies between jobs and a smart restart mechanism if some jobs fail during pipeline execution. Job commands and parameters can be modified through several configuration files. We currently maintain 7 pipelines and are developing 3 others.

The Montreal C3G node also develops several bioinformatics tools:

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  • python
  • r-project
  • javascript
  • react
  • nodejs


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Canadian Center for Computational Genomics 2019 Projects

  • Konstantinos Kyriakidis
    Batchtools for Compute Canada
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  • Madhav Vats
    Flowchart creator for GenPipes
    Genpipes is a set of software pipelines designed for genomic analysis. There are currently seven different pipelines and three more are in the...
  • Jiahuang Lin
    Human history and genome evolution project proposal
    There has been a recent surge in the development of open-source computational methods for simulating human evolution and analyzing human genome data....
  • Pranav Tharoor
    MiCM Project Match
    The main objective of McGill initiative in Computational Medicine (MiCM) is to deliver inter-disciplinary research programs and empower the use of...