the GNU Mailing List Manager

GNU Mailman is mailing list management software. It allows you to create and manage electronic mail mailing lists. It provides a web front-end for easy administration, both for list owners and list members. It supports digests (RFC 934 and RFC 1153), archiving, spam protection, bounce detection, Usenet gateways, and many more features. Version 2.1 supports multilingual mailing lists.

The current stable releases include 2.1.x and 3.x. While 2.1 is now stable, the development focus is on 3.x series which is a complete redesign from architecture to Web UI.

GNU Mailman 3.x series splits the functionality of managing mailing lists into multiple components.

  • The Mailman Core is the core engine which processes emails and exposes a REST API for clients to control the Core itself.
  • Postorius is the official web management interface of Core, which is written in Django. It uses the Python library MailmanClient to talk to Mailman Core.
  • Hyperkitty is the official archiver with supercharged capabilities, which allows it to be used as a forum and send emails from the web ui.
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  • python 3
  • email
  • rest
  • django


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GNU Mailman 2019 Projects

  • berserker1
    Add support for bounce processing in core
    This proposal’s main goal is to add a concrete and fully functional form of implementation/procedure for processing of various messages and taking...